Lung Cancer: Relevant Genes
Online supplement to "Machine Learning Models For Classification Of Lung Cancer and Selection of Genomic Markers Using Array Gene Expression Data" by C.F. Aliferis, I. Tsamardinos, P. Massion, A. Statnikov, N. Fananapazir, D. Hardin (In proceedings of the 16th International FLAIRS Conference, 2003). The genes listed below were selected on dataset available as the online supplement to "Classification of Human Lung Carcinomas by mRNA Expression Analysis" by Bhattacharjee et al. 2001.

Every file (tab-delimited text file) contains accession number, Affymetrix probe set, and name for all selected variables. The variables are sorted by relevancy (i.e. the first variable is the most relevant, while the last one is the least relevant).